You’ve just visited a website dedicated to God and people’s experiences with Him, biblical analyses of several themes, warnings against occult practices, “applicable” think pieces and topics for consideration, the themes of deliverance from addictions and compulsions and so on. I firmly believe that this website will help some people to realize the fact of God’s existence and the existence of the spiritual world, to get to know the purpose of life, to comprehend some inherent spiritual laws or to accept recovery, deliverance etc.

   In Psalm 105, verse 5 the Psalmist says: “Remember His wonders that He (God) did, His signs and the judgments of His mouth.” My intention with this site is to provide encouragement to those who undergo a trial (with God and His help seemingly far away), a testimony to God’s love and power for those who haven’t known God yet and, for all of us, a reminder that God is the same (he is still omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and loving).

   This website is meant for whoever desires to find the truth, which is the purpose it is designed for. All articles are substantiated with verses from the Scriptures; all links to these verses are active (lightbox links enabling to see the whole chapter to check and understand the background). The goal is to provide an analysis of the Bible that is as detailed and unbiased as possible – the server doesn’t represent views of any Christian denomination.

   If you have any question, if you disagree with something here, if you would like to contribute with your own testimony, feel free to comment on the particular articles (having been registered) or to write an e-mail to the e-address given below or through SKYPE (libordivis).


Libor Diviš - author of this article and this website

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