Personal Christian pages usually contain some information about their author. Thanks to many of your comments regarding myself, I decided to write down a brief preview concerning Christianity – including the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

   My name is Libor Divis and I am from the south part of Czech republic. I was born in the last millennium (1970). I found God while being in a military service around 1990. I went through the couple of protestant churches. I was in the apostolic church till 2005 as the elder, preacher as well as the head of a small studying groups. I moved to Prague in 2005. For some time I was part of the local apostolic church and then I was working with Martin Njamba ( for few years. After that, I once again visited the local Prague apostolic church for a certain time. I now don't belong to any particular church, but I remained in touch with some of my friends on daily basis.

Your most frequently asked questions answered:

1. You currently don't belong to any church. (why?)

   Because I think, there is no Christian community that would truly correspond with the Bible teachings - instead of human fabrications. I left the church after I was told by it's minister, that it is no longer about the search for the “absolute truth” and that doing so is a matter of the past century. Most important thing according to them, is that we love our neighbour. I came to a conclusion that these kind of fundamentals are very much resembling the scout troop, more than Church, and that I no longer wanted to be a part of it. There were also numbers of very serious contradictions between the Bible and teachings of the church, that resulted in my withdrawal.


2. On your pages you're mentioning God's name. Are you a Jehovah's witness?

   In case you're wondering if I belong to the Jehovah's witnesses organization then, I have to say no. In fact I never have. Why am I then using God's name Yehovah? Simply because that truly is God's name. When I started to study the Bible in it's original languages, I noticed that the God's name appears in the old testament nearly as much as 7000 times, and that it is very important to God. I searched the literature and the internet for the answers concerning the correct pronunciation of the Hebrew tetragrammaton of God's name "יהוה" (YHWH). Slightly bigger majority of the sources indicated as the probable pronunciation of God's name is “Yahweh” and so I started to use it. Nevertheless, this matter continue to concern me, until one day God answered me and told me that His name is “ Yehovah”. I began to use this version ever since. In Exodus 3,15 God introduces Himself to Moses by His name Yehovah, and continues to say, that this is His name and should be reminded to all the generations. The situation is, that these days God's name is not particularly recalled and was even removed from the majority of Bibles in the world, and was substituted with some national “ nicknames” or with empty parochial expressions such as Lord, God and so forth.


3. What are your other important allegations against today's churches?

   First of all, it is the trinity teaching which has nothing to do with the Bible. Today, this teaching appears in the vast majority of churches. Yet this “idea” does not come from the old testament or from Jesus Christ and not even from any other writer of the Bible. It appeared in Tertulian's writings and translations in 2nd century. This person is an author of other approximately 1000 non-biblical latin neologisms and phrases, of which many are part of the teachings in today's churches even now. I don't like intentional alternations made by Jehovah's witnesses in their interpretations of the Bible, as much as those that appear in Catholics and protestants translations. I don't like non-biblical teachings of “Word of Faith, Healing and Prosperity” (Faith Movement), as well as the declining the gifts of the Holy spirit. It saddens me, that church practically hasn't got any positive impact on the community. All the financial means are usually used to rent space for gatherings and for preacher's wage. Probably because of the non-biblical teachings and a minimal effort that is put into evangelizing, church is lacking God's presence and power. There is simply nothing what God can verify by manifesting his signs and miracles.


4. You're against the teachings of most of the today's churches. Don't you think there is only a small possibility for the majority of them to be wrong?

   Just because the majority of people happen to believe in something, does not make it the truth. God's word – the Bible- should be for the followers of Christ the key source of knowledge, as well as the measure of the truth. God can of course amplify our knowledge, but it will still never be anything that would contradict with His word. (the Bible) That's why I suggest we get back to what the Bible says. Nothing is to be taken out and nothing is to be added to it, that would go against to what is already written in it. That's why all of my the Biblical analysis and all of the articles, are supported with verses from the Bible ( with an easy possibility for checking the context). That's the reason why I also programmed SOB (On-line Study Bible) - , free online Bible program, that will allow you to easily and comfortably find out what truly is in the original Hebrew or Greek text of the Bible, and on the top of it, it comes with the advanced searching options, and comparisons of more than 200 translations etc.


Libor Diviš - author of this article and this website

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