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   We live in a consumer society, which brings about a lot of negatives. Pursuit of material wealth, career, fame, respect of others, thrilling experiences etc. has caused that as early as childhood, more and more people are being hurt by a lack of love, cuddling, encouragement and time spent with their parents. Their hearts have suffered such a deep wound by rejection and a deficit of love and care that they are not able to recover without God’s help. They are hurt people who have problems with relationships and are almost unable to give and accept love, or even believe in it. And because of those wounds they are not able to believe in God’s goodness and love.

  I know what I am talking about, because this is also the story of my life. For many years I viewed God mainly as a punishing judge rather than a loving Father. Many things have changed, but even now not everything is all right. Jesus says:

Matthew 5, 8 (ASV): Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

   Unless we are pure in heart, we won’t see God, rather a caricature of His the distortions of which correspond to the wounds in our hearts. Reading the Bible, some people see death on every page. Others see only God’s punishments, others a collection of commands, prohibitions and rules. When I once read about God’s offer of deliverance, I saw only God’s threats of hell. God is, above all, the loving God and Father, not only the punishing God. I suggest reviewing the Bible with a prayer to God to reveal His true character to us. I believe that it is also God’s wish for us to know Him as He is…

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